Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Beach Splash

Thinking of white sandy beaches, clear blue water?

The perfect dress for the getaway!

Stretchable on the waist area, with elasticated and adjustable strap

The cute print!

Available in beige color as well!

How bout some grey?

The backThe lining

Aren't they cute?? just a perfect match for a great holiday!

Voile(thin) cotton with Polyester lining
Available in Light Blue, Beige and Grey
Free Size (fits XS-S)
Chest: 13"
Length: 27"

Price RM45

*bikinis not included*


Summer Love

Summer time, summer love
Looking for a dress to go to beach or just relaxin around?

The perfect dress for a lazy afternoon!

The strap is elasticated and adjustable

Little pretty sash at the back

Closer look to the funky retro print

Lining inside and u dun need to worry ur legs will be exposed under sunlight!

How bout purple?

Feeling pinkish?


Cotton with Polyester Lining
Free Size (Fits XS and S)
Length: 30.5"
Available in Green, Purple and Pink


Floral Tube Dress *sold*

Loud-happi-lovely-floral dress

Don't u just love the mod style floral print?

Smock at the back

Lovely bright yellow! Wear it to a party and u'll sure be the head-turner!

It's made of good quality stretchable cotton, fits nicely and u don't need to afraid it'll slip down!

Pair it with a vintage tote bag and u'll be a little princess!

Good Quality Stretchable Cotton
Fress Size (Fits XS-S)
Chest: 13"
Length: 27.5"

Available in Turquoise (sold) and Yellow (sold)

Price RM85

*accessories not included*


Cutie Knit Long Top

Isn't this gorgeous?

Simple yet with lotsa details, this knit top is a must have for everyone!

Just pair it with a classy necklace

A closer look to the lace

Lacy tulle on the chest

Take a look at the material

How bout grey color?

With a cardigan..Gorgeous!

Or a light brown?

With belt, with leggings, with sandals, with mary-jane heels, just play up with ur style!

Available in Beige, Grey (sold), Light Brown
Knit Material
Free Size (Fits XS-S)

Price RM55

*accessories and cardigan is not included*


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Feeling Naked?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flowy Blouse

Feminine yet sexy, this oversize blouse is a cute piece!

Sexy back!

Wear with tube, with cami, or..nothin *wink*

With scarf

Wear it like a light outwear and pair it with our white basic
Rayon (Viscose)
Free Size (Fits XS-M)
Available in Black and Grey (sold)

Price RM38

*accessories and white top not included*

Polka Dot Craze

Wanting to change ur mood when going to work?
How bout wearing a lovely polka dot top?

Closer look to the fabric and the buttons

Matching cute belt to show your curve~

Side zip

This will sure help u to cheer up and bring a smile to people beside u!

Available in yellow as well

Good Satin
Size S and M
Available in Pink and Yellow

Price RM58


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Basic

A plain T
which we call the basic

It's the basic of every funky look, the basic of being fashionable

The stretchy cuff

Closer look at the front

One color will not satisfy your fashion style

The purple

The off-white

Available in Blue, Purple, Off White (sold)
Free Size (fits XS-S)

Price RM28


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